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Love West Coast has intimate photograph’s with musicians, artists, athletes, actors, and other interesting girls that make up the style, vibe and culture that comes from the west.

Los Angeles-based photographer/director, Mike Miller, has photographed iconic supermodels, musicians, and celebrities. In addition to shooting countless album covers, Miller has worked with high profile brands for ad campaigns. His clients include Angelina Jolie, Jack Nicholson, Cameron Diaz, James Franco, Sony, Nike, MTV, Stussy, Coca~Cola, Ferrari, Stan Getz, Nick Cave, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Tupac.

Third generation Los Angeles native, Shannon Miler grew up influenced by the surf and skate culture that was at her doorstep. Also the Los Angeles music scene was a huge influence, her true inspiration came directly from album cover art and photography. She is an accomplished designer with a career that includes wardorbe styling from Tupac to Cameron Diaz.

Mike and Shannon have made a new book that features west coast girls. Including artists, musicians, athletes, actresses, models. Shannon came up with the original concept and design and together they were able to put together a compilation of amazing images with incredible high profile girls.




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